What comes before a Cougar?

There’s been a bit of a buzz around the office, or within my team rather. I seriously hope it isn’t around the office, how awful would that be! Anyway… a couple of weeks ago I mentioned the cutie at work, well seeing as how things were a little crazy and whatnot there were some details that we managed to either not find out, or just plain don’t remember. Thanks liquid gold. So this week I thought, ‘crap, how old is this guy!?’ and asked Chris if she knew. Apparently he was between 22 and 25, of course because that would be the case!

So I started thinking about the past year and how I have a significantly high number of gents responding to my online profiles that are between the ages of ….. 22 and 26. I mean, that’s not a huge issue for me. I mean really, as long as you’re able to walk into a bar and legally buy me a drink we’re all good. It’s just interesting to see that it happens whether I am looking for it or not. My friend Mike has teases me on more than one occasion saying I’m “robbing the cradle”. Personally, I feel that expression is mean for “old” people. Older ladies rob the cradle, like ladies in their 40’s or 50’s. Right? Surely 31 isn’t totally robbing the cradle, I mean… isn’t there an age bracket of 25-30? I realize I’m still outside of that bracket, by ONE YEAR, but it still counts doesn’t it!?

Anyway, now that I ‘knew’ his age I started to think maybe I shouldn’t do anything about it. I’d already had a few situations involving younger guys but did I really want to take the chance at someone even younger ?! Up until now I’ve only met guys 24 or older. What the hell would I have in common with a 22-year-old?! Although, at this point I think I’d accepted the fact that he would just be office eye candy.

HOWEVER, I was talking to another coworker and she said that he was closer to my age, not 22.

//sigh of relief//

Not sure I’d really want to start telling people I was interested in a guy who was 22 years old, I already get shit for the one 24 yo and the handful of 25 year olds.

hmmm maybe there is a bit of shame hidden in there after all.

When I expressed that concern, she told me to stop being dumb. Apparently it didn’t matter considering I look “a lot” younger than I actually am. [Which is actually a comment I get pretty often. Within the last two years I think I’ve gotten anything from 16 to 24, although I really think they’re playing it down because there’s no way I look 16.] Then she started rehashing the events of the Christmas party and said he couldn’t be 22! *insert mathematical problem here involving dates and life experiences* After much debate it was decided that the cutie at work is in fact around my age. 

Now, if only I could work up the nerve to actually talk to the guy, we’d be golden.

There was actually a point to this post, but in my ramblings I’ve completely forgotten it.