New Year New Beginnings!

Resolution for 2016:

  1. Make better use of your personal blog (hello blog!)
  2. Figure out what the HELL I’m allergic to so that I can stop eating it (even though it’s probably something delicious)
  3. Complete at least SFDC 5 certifications (Woot! New job Ya’ll!!)

Keep it simple, keep it light.

A lot has happened since I was “laid off”, for starters I’m not in Chicago anymore!


Baby, it’s cold outside

January is a pretty dreary month, isn’t it? I think so anyhow so I’ll probably spend more time in my cozy bed over being out in the Chicago cold. I was disappointed to know that the weather got back on track, now I will have to wear pants more often. See you later No Pants days! 😦

And seeing as how it’s the beginning of the year how about I try to outline 2014!! I’ve never really been one to make resolutions, mainly because I don’t have the motivation (?) to really follow through with half of the crap that I set out to do…. I’m easily distracted, by life.

BUT, I will say this… I would like the following things out of 2014:

  1. Blogging – write MORE, less random stuff and more interesting content. Even if this is more of a personal outlet, it would be nice to actually have something come out of this blog. Also, help get The Secret Lives of Chicago Singles up and going. So far I’m happy with the little group that we have, and I’ve received offers from others who are also interested in providing content. Which I hope may happen further down the line, but for now I think we’re going to focus on building the blog with one another. There are some really quirky contributors and I’m excited to get into the nitty-gritty of our own personal lives. Which brings me to…
  2. Relationships – 2013 hasn’t been that bad in regards to dating, but I’m still single. I keep getting the “Clock is ticking” conversation from some people, so it’s something I’d like work on this year. Mainly; working on the Cold Approach. I’d also like to build certain platonic relationships that I have, in the past I’ve felt that there’s been something lacking in the friend department. And I’m well aware that it has a lot to do with me and what I’m doing (or not doing in most cases).
  3. Financial – Become better situated in general. It’s not so much a want but a need at this point. Sink or swim time kiddos!
  4. Fitness – Within the last year I’ve lost 12 pounds. I appear to have gained a few of those back. Must. Not. Happen!

Here’s to following through on written words….