Once a party girl, always a party girl- apparently.

There seems to be a general opinion of me… well, there are a few opinions of me floating around out there, but the one I’m currently thinking of is that I am apparently some huge party girl. And any time I meet someone new and this comes up… it makes me think of this gem by Eddie Murphy;

Now, the truth is that yes, I DO like to party. Or rather, I enjoy going out, but to say that I’m all about the good times and parties is false. And I think sometimes this is why people don’t really get to know me, because the life style that I supposedly live is fast and dangerous. I assure you, it is not, in the least bit. Especially not dangerous!

It’s not like I’m driving out to the hood to go to a party at 2 in the morning anymore.

I like going out though, and am usually forcing myself to be social, because if I didn’t then no one would ever see me and I’d be a huge hermit. No joke, if I don’t make myself go out once in a while I probably wouldn’t leave my house. So, I go out… to bars, to clubs, to restaurants, where ever the people are!

But gone are the days where I’m in the city 4-5 days in a row and out until 3-5 A.M. Now I’m lucky if I go out once a week and I’m usually home by 2 A.M.

I do miss it sometimes, racing home so that I could jump into bed before the sun came up… because if I didn’t I wouldn’t be able to sleep, at all. Thank goodness for blackout curtains! This probably has a lot to do with my insomnia now… aah the consequences of our life choices.

I also think that the reason why people think I’m such a party girl is because when I DO go out, there are pictures, and lots of them! But it’s not my fault that my friends like to pretend to be paparazzi!!!

In fact, this last weekend – a long holiday weekend at that – I spent most of my time alone on my couch watching reruns of Friends and the Nanny… zomg too much rave!!! How’s that for a big party girl?!

And now… if you’ll excuse me, I think I’ll go to bed now.

– Kthnxbai!


Celebrate; Secret life!


Nothing more thrilling than feeling the energy a crowd gives off when during an amazing set. This was taken at Chicago’s first Electric Daisy Carnival, we were up front for Armin Van Buuren’s set. It’s been a good while since the last time I felt that much energy from a crowd.


I was supposed to go out dancing tonight, one of my all time favorite DJ’s is in town tonight… but alas, winter decided to finally show its face in Chicago so I am snowed in!! ((>.<)) I saw this and thought it was appropriate, as this is what I will be doing later on tonight in the confines of my own bedroom. (while listening to Mark Farina, of course!) Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

Music Diaries

Seriously, one of my favorite tracks. First time I heard this was on a CD that Keith Mackenzie gave me and then I found out that Heavygrinder remixed it. Gah! Pretty sure if I’d not listened to Keith’s CD I never would have gotten into Bobbie’s music. Eep!!! Funny how that kind of stuff happens… pretty sure Bobbie has no real idea who I am, just another fan! lol, Can you say you know someone after having met them once and then followed them via social media? Who knows… but I thought I’d share this track bc I