Changes, Challenges and My Ability to Not Show Stress

Well then…  where do I start?

I guess I’ll start with work, we recently had our reviews (*woo), and during mine I was informed that I’m being promoted. woooo right? No, at least not yet. I’m the supervisor now, and there are 6 people on my team. MY Team. WTH am I going to do with 6 people? I’ve never had a job that required so much responsibility. I’m now in charge of things that I know nothing about. I actually had to pull the previous supervisor aside and said “We are sitting down soon so that you can tell me wtf I’m supposed to be doing”. On top of that, I’m helping the account team with a new client with the hopes that I’ll be promoted again and moved over to the account team. (hopefully) OH And two days after I’m promoted I find out that one of the girls I work with (in customer service) was let go. “Hey G congrats on your promotion, here is new one pile of CS responsibilities, a pile of Acct work and now a third pile to balance the loss of an employee. Awesome.

It also hit me that the next time someone is hired (or fired for that matter) I will be the one doing it. I guess this is what it feels like to be an adult, totally freaking out on the inside. It’s kind of funny, during my review the account director and my current supervisor said that I was awesome at taking things on and working hard that they didn’t know how I got it all done and not be stressed out. Believe me, I may not show that Im stressed out but I am… I’m constantly thinking that I’ve forgotten to do something and everything is time sensitive so that doesn’t help.

But this is a good challenge, and I really have no choice but to face it head on… it’s good experience. Plus, the salary increase doesn’t hurt… although I’m no longer eligible for OT. Goodbye OT, I will miss you dearly, you saved my ass on more than one occasion. Gone are the days where I could sit at my desk and breath. Maybe it’s because this is all new, I haven’t been able to sit at my desk for more than five minutes without having someone call me asking for help. People came to me for help before but not to the extent that they have been in the last few days. It’ll take some time to adjust, for sure, but I’m slowly coming to terms with all of this.

HA what is WRONG with me!? I was just promoted to a really good position and I’m almost bummed about it. LOL Such a weirdo.

Like I said though, it’s definitely a challenge for me. I just hope I don’t fail.




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