Every little girls dream

As a kid, did you ever wonder what you’d grow up to do? Apparently this is something that happened quite a bit when I was younger. Both my parents were professionals so of course they wanted me to be a professional as well. The only thing is that I had a laundry list of things that I wanted to be as a kid. Mainly, and I don’t have any recollection of this so for all I know it’s not true, mainly I wanted to be a maid. The reason that I’ve always found this hard to believe is because I’m not really one to like cleaning. Not that I don’t clean, obviously everyone has to clean at some point in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle, it’s just not something I’ve ever done with a smile on my face.

So there we have it, that was my big dream as a child. No idea where it came from but I definitely did not grow up to be a house maid.

In fact I didn’t grow up to be anything on that laundry list of professions. I didn’t have the patience to go through all of the years of schooling required to be a psychiatrist. I quickly lost interest in being teacher, mainly because I’m not big on children and I don’t have the patience to teach an adult. [My mother can attest to this as she’s been on the receiving end of my “lessons” Sorry Mom, it’s nothing personal I swear. Although I’m sure you think it is.]

In the end I went to college and spent so much time trying to figure out what I wanted to be that by the time I knew it I was 4 years in and oddly had enough credits to graduate… in what you ask? A BA in Communications!! The most general and bullshit degree a person can get. I think anyway. I’m told you can do anything you want with a degree in Communications and I see it listed on job ads, but it has yet to land me a good job. (~_^)

Most of my classes were intro classes in the marketing and advertising field, honestly I’m not even sure how anyone didn’t pick up on that and question it. I mean, isn’t that what guidance counselors are for? I think of my years in school I saw my counselor once and that was the first week of school. Shouldn’t they be there more often, if only to check in and see if I’m alive? I know I’m an adult and all but it would have been nice, ya know??

And yes, if you’ve been thinking about it… I do know that I cheated myself by not focusing, TRUST me… the student loan bills remind me plenty.

So there you have it, I went from having an (imaginary) career goal to having no real goals at all. Well I guess that’s not entirely true, I still have dreams. I’m just a bit slow on getting them started. But according to a psychic I saw once I need to continue dreaming because one day it will all come true! This, of course, is coming from the same woman who told me that I’d meet an older man and fall in love. I’m finding this all hard to believe when I’ve been meeting nothing but younger men in the last year.



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