Holiday hiatus and general silence

I’ve been quiet the last couple of weeks, mainly because I’ve been on holiday leave and busy with family. I’ll try not to make this into a block of boring text but I had hoped to break this up over my break fail.

Where do I even begin…

Ah Michigan! Well… that didn’t happen. Not sure if he was busy and just ran out of time, got scared off or just forgot. I haven’t heard from him either so that’s that!

Good news!! My brother came home for Christmas, homeboy passed on his post deployment leave so that he could use it during the holidays. He and his girlfriend drove up the day before Christmas. We didn’t do anything spectacular this year, more out of excitement of his arrival than laziness (seriously). We’d planned on making this big Turkey spread for Christmas eve and going to church but found out that they’d moved up the time and we missed it. When I was a kid we used to go to midnight mass, then they moved it up to 10 o’clock mass… and now it’s 4 o’clock mass. Either way we missed mass. We got so preoccupied watching movies that we decided to forgo the big dinner and ordered takeout instead. He was here for a short time, I think his friends were trying to make up the time they’d missed because there was a party every night. At least they’ve grown enough to know not to wake me up at obscene hours of the night (since I unfortunately had to work the last two days he was here). That was definitely much appreciated.  It was good to see everyone though, they don’t come around when he’s not here.

I would have like more than a few days with him, while I don’t mind that we just hung around at home, it would have been nice to actually have time to DO things. I don’t know when I’ll be able to see him again, in Chicago anyway. There are already rumors that he’ll be deploying again, within the year.

Now on to New Years!

New years eve has always been a big deal in my family, it was actually my great grandmother’s birthday so my dad made it big.

IMG_20130713_233941 Despite my not liking the whole general holiday period NYE is my favorite holiday of the year (well right behind Thanksgiving).  At least it was, before things started to die down and now it’s become just another night, which is kind of upsetting. I miss the parties, the people, the FOOD!!! It was always a fun time and everyone always knew to come hungry because there would be so much fooood!! My parents got us into the habit of having a midnight meal just after the countdown. Roasted pork leg (often in a Cuban style) with rice/beans, baked spaghetti, salad, Yucca (when we made it Cuban style), and whatever other veggie dishes they decided to add as sides. There was the 12 grape countdown, champagne (or sparkling grape juice), cocktails for the adults, hors d’oeuvre, dancing, and just overall so much fun. Until I was in my teens, obviously, it kind of became a drag that I wasn’t able to go out with my friends or party the way that they could for NYE. It wasn’t until my older brother and I were in our 20’s that we were able to leave (but only after dinner of course). By the time we got to the party everyone was pretty much blitzed ha!

 Things started to change the year I turned 26 though, my older brother was gone and my little brother (being the spoiled baby he is ;)) did what he wanted with his friends and me… That was the first year that I went out with friends for the entire evening. It was SO much fun, but there was a part of me that felt bad for being out and not being with the family. Even though the parties had stopped and it turned into a night of watching the countdown on tv. 27 was spent sitting on the couch at home, 28 at a party that took me all the way to Milwaukee, 29 in a movie theater with friends, 30 sitting at home. I guess I can’t really complain about sitting at home this year since it was my own choice, but it was still sad. ha  The last couple of weeks made me realize that I cannot WAIT to have my own place so that I can continue this party business. Maybe by then people I know will be more open to the idea of spending NYE at a friend’s home.







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