Math makes me think, and other random things

I had a doctor’s appointment today, following up on some business in the lady business. At least that’s what I thought it was about, it wasn’t. Apparently they upgraded to a digital system and wanted to go through my chart just to be sure all of my information was correct.

  • Blood pressure – good
  • Lungs – good
  • Heart rate – good
  • Weight – gained a bit, guess my “losing” streak is over
  • Height – still short
  • Pregnant – no!
  • Smoking – I quit, at least I’d consider it quitting since I’ve smoked maybe once in the last two months?

And then we went further…
In 2006 I had this done
In 2011 I had that done

Wait in 2006? That’s when I was dating the grease monkey. Which means I’ve known Michigan going on 9 years. We haven’t seen which other in 8 and it took him 7 years to tell me he had feelings for me. And now here I am thinking wtf am I doing!? He’s in town, at least I think he is since that’s what he told me a few months back. “I’ll be in Chicago a few days and I’d like to see you” I have a plan, to go out, if he calls. But considering we haven’t seen each other in so long am I going to be all weird about it? And how do I stop myself from being so! For all I know he liked me, as in past tense, and then realized we couldn’t seriously date considering he’s currently stationed in South Carolina until February AND then he moves back to Michigan. Would he really want to be with someone who lives 3 hours away? I mean, it’s really not THAT far but it’s kind of tease not to mention a possible hassle to commute back and forth.

I’m crazy right? Maybe it’s not him thinking all of this but ME. I’m nervous, nervous about how we’ll interact and nervous that I’m turning this into something it’s not. Which could definitely be the case since nothing’s actually been mentioned. I mean we haven’t actually spoken since right before he left for boot camp. Yea we’ve exchanged the random snapchat and sent a brief “hello” here or there, but that’s really it. I tried to get some dialogue going when I was figuring out what we should do, but that didn’t really work out. “I don’t have any preference” seriously? Hmm… so we’ll see how that all works out.

In other news:
We had the work Christmas party recently… What. A. Crap. Show!

I really don’t have any game when it comes to picking up guys IRL, I know this. I can be way too shy sometimes and my co-workers know this. Yet they took it upon themselves to get this guy to come talk to me. He’s an attractive gent that used to sit in the cubicle across from me, I thought he was in IT but turns out he’s actually in procurement. I’m sorry what? It started out fun, we’d be at the bar next to each other and one co-worker would tease me. I was content just admiring him from afar considering I didn’t have the nerve to give him anything more than a smile in passing. But then another co-worker came into it, who then brought one of the VPs of accounts into it. “Hey D, can you give us some pointers on how to pick up a guy?” Sure he says, no problem. One thing leads to another and he finds out that I’m into this guy. A wager was made, whoever could get dude to a) talk to me or b) buy me a drink would get cheesecake. Baked by me, of course, not even really sure how THAT happened. I think dude was introduced to me 4 or 5 times, all by different people mind you, and I somehow constantly bumped into him. While we may have been drinking, this was not due to alcohol. Eventually I said fine, went up to him said everyone was acting overly nice because I found him attractive. At no point though did we really talk, everyone was into the “make it happen” and not so much the “let it happen” aspect of it all. At the end of the evening I gave him my number, since some people were going out later or possibly meeting up at his place. Needless to say he didn’t use it.

So now there is a guy at work who may (or may not) know that I’m interested in him. A guy who may even possibly have the WRONG number because I suck and was fumbling with the Iphone keypad. Seriously, no clue why I struggle with that thing so much! It’s like I’m all thumbs or something.

Now begins the horrible process of figuring out how make a meet up happen. I have it in my head that I should just ask him to have a drink and redo the whole introduction. Sigh

So many “we’ll see’s”…


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