Texting games = Srsly?!

Prompt: Describe how you met the last person you texted and talk about your friendship/relationship

I received a response to a text that was sent maybe 2 or 3 weeks ago. A while back I received a message on POF from a younger guy (he’s 24 or so), it’s actually kind of funny because his opening line was something along the lines of “I’ve never hit on an older woman before, please let me know if I’m doing it correctly.” I asked the usual ‘qualifying’ questions and was amused by what he was going on about. I’ve decided to push this whole process along so I gave him my number.  I’m starting to do this more, I don’t really see a point in dragging out some long email romance, let’s just get to the point. Anyway, the communication after that was kind of spotty, but when we did text it went on for more than just a few minutes. I last heard from him on the night I was out with the Baby Daddy, after that it was silence.

Until today. “Hey, sorry for the delayed response. And if ya still want… let’s get a drink or hang out”

Seriously delayed you mean? He initially sounded fun and we’d made general “future” plans to do things, or at least things we’d like to do. But now, after this “delay” I’m kind of Meh about it.

I never understood the texting game, what’s the point?! Not saying that’s what HE was doing, who knows what was going on there, but in general. There’s a way to respond to someone quickly without coming off desperate, isn’t there? And really, it’s a fucking text message, what does it matter if you respond quickly. That’s the whole point of me SENDING you a text message.  Generally if you text me you’ll get a response right away, I don’t think I’ve ever left a message unanswered for hours, let alone days. Maybe I’m too eager though…




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