Skip Skip Skip to my Loooo!

I missed a day (oops!) so today you get two in one!

Prompt: The biggest misconception you think people have about single life & Sound off on the quote “Every woman has the exact love life she wants”

I’m going to switch this up a bit, it’s not so much a big misconception about single life but more a misconception about my life. I feel like people have a tendency to forget that I’m around. There’s been more than one occasion where someone will ask me during the week why I wasn’t out with the group on the weekend. Well, probably because no one told me that every one was going out. And nine out of ten times this person will respond with “oh, I didn’t say anything because I thought you were… ” A) busy or B) [insert mutual friends name] told you.
Everyone always assumes that I’m busy partying it up when in reality I’m sitting at home on the couch crying into a pint of ice cream because I have no friends and no one loves me. (I’m kidding, mostly, I don’t cry into a pint of ice cream. Who wants salty, watered down ice cream?) Quit assuming that I’m out living some fabulous life dammit, sometimes I DO want to see you and hang out!

As for the quote, I believe it, to an extent anyway. I’d mentioned a couple posts back that I was awesome at self sabotage.. so while I wanted to be in a relationship I was somewhat guarded and would jump ship as soon as I thought he (or I) would get hurt. Not to mention I’d always been able to find all of the wrong guys and the guys that I probably should have been dating never got the chance. I always felt that if I’d dated the “right” guys one of us would seriously end up messed up. I didn’t really believe in true happiness or relationships, because that was too much. It meant that I had to give myself completely to another person, be responsible for their emotions and in turn be accountable for my own actions.

I’d cry about it and complain about it but I never did the right thing. Because that meant actually facing my fears and my faults.





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