What Happened to Goodbye?

There are three people I think about when I’m asked who I miss. All three have passed on, some unexpectedly and tragically. They’ve all played an important role in my life, helping form the person that I am today and they’ll always remain that way. I’d like to think that they’re still watching over me, in some way, looking out.

YVONNE – One of the craziest ladies I’ve ever known. I don’t even remember the details of how she came into our lives, but she was my mom’s best friend after moving up north. She was basically my “cool aunt” and I loved her. She talked to me about boys when no one else had, told me not to let anyone treat me in a way that would hurt me and to not be with anyone who wasn’t worth my time or my heart. Unfortunately I didn’t follow her advice, most of it anyway. She taught me how to drive well before I should have and how to drink, or rather how not to drink. She always talked about giving me a second gen Mazda rx7, this car was beautiful. She was kind of crazy about Rx7s, my brother has a first generation (a fixer) and a generation. She got us all into them actually. She ended up buying a third generation Rx7 (in a beautiful shade of red). When she became ill she said she was leaving us the cars, so theoretically before I had my license I had a car. Unfortunately the man she married (somewhat hastily) ended up with all that she’d left behind, including the cars. His teenage son crashed both cars and they blew through the inheritance like it was a bottle of beer. I never understood what she saw in that man, they only dated a couple of months, and were married even less. For as much as she’d talked about how to let men treat me….. she didn’t have the best judgement herself. I was looking forward to doing so much with her when I got older. She was kind of my best friend too, I was in complete awe of her. It was kind of a shock when she got sick and she wasn’t the first loved one I had to prematurely say goodbye to, but she was the closest.

EDDIE – My brother’s best friend, and my brother from another mother. I have a lot of stories, most of which I probably shouldn’t repeat. Ha. Let’s just say that I did things with him (and my brother) that most teenagers do, but shouldn’t. I learned a lot from both of them. They have a lot to do with the person that I’ve grown up to be. He was a really spirited man, and boy could he sing. To this day I’m upset with myself that I never went to see him sing, he would always tell me, but there was always something that “came up” that wouldn’t let me go.

JONATHAN – Primo mío, I didn’t know home very long but what I did know of him was great. It’s funny how you can have family that you don’t even know, that’s one of the downsides to having family living in different parts of the world. I don’t have many memories of my cousin, but the ones I do have are from one summer in particular. He was a smart and great guy and he had plans to do great things, given the chance he would have done them too. He was the one who got me into Spanish Rock, one night we went out to this bar. At 17 (or so) going to a bar was a pretty big deal. The bar itself was surprising, it didn’t seem like the kind of place that my cousin would go to and yet there we were. Standing in the middle of a dark room surrounded by what looked to be a lot of bikers or “rockeros”. It was a pretty fun night. There are certain moments in life that you always remember, and the day that we received the call about his accident is one that I’ll never forget.

It doesn’t even seem like they’ve been gone that long, but the memory of each one is still with me.

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