Date night vs The Marine

I went out on a date this past Sunday, with an ex-Marine who we’ll call Mr. Swishy pants.

I decided it was actually time to start “dating” and not just collect potential dates. The Pre-date was quick, there wasn’t the usual exchange of random “getting to know you” text so I figured the actual date would be interesting. He didn’t wait long to ask either, something I thought was good. Exchanged messages for two days and probably waited a day before asking me out. Most of the guys that I’ve met online tend to end up being ‘pen pals’ even though they all specifically note that they’re not looking for more friends. I guess I’m not interesting enough to move forward, either that or they’re waiting for me to ask which isn’t going to happen. Lol So yea, I did things a bit differently with this guy…

The date was planned a couple of days in advance, and there was no contact until the day of, which I thought was odd but whatever. I wasn’t really feeling up to the date and actually thought about canceling but by the time I decided it was time to leave. I sucked it up and made the 20-minute drive to the Mexican restaurant he’d chosen. I don’t mind eating at Mexican places, but I’m generally critical of them. Unless they’re dirty holes in the wall, those are usually delicious as hell. This place wasn’t so delicious, although I’m basing this solely on the order of nachos that we split. Someone needs to tell the chef’s at this place that layering a bunch of chips with melted cheese and a bit of sour cream and guacamole are not nachos. Specifically, you don’t garnish NACHOS with a half slice of tomato. Really?! No.

When I go out for something like this I try to arrive a few minutes early to avoid ME having to walk in awkwardly and look around the establishment. Well, it didn’t happen that way because he’d gotten there before me and sent a text letting me know where he was sitting. Thankfully I was able to spot him right away so I avoided that awkward search. Now, I’m not entirely sure how to proceed and often find myself having an internal battle as to whether or not there should be a handshake, a hug or just a simple “hello”. I had a friend recommend I just reach over and grab the guy’s ass, but I’m not sure that’d go over well, at least not with people who have good intentions.

We did the usual introduction, he complimented my outfit, which was nice I mean who doesn’t like a compliment. I dressed up a bit but decided against wearing heels figuring it was Sunday night and we were going out in the suburbs. I’m glad I made that decision because he was dressed down. So much so that he was wearing swishy athletic pants. He did make note that he came directly from work, but if you knew you were meeting someone for a “date” wouldn’t you bring a change of clothes? I let it slide when I noticed that his shirt was snug around his body, this ex-Marine clearly still kept in shape.

Now, I admit I am not the most talkative person and sometimes struggle at keeping a conversation going, especially with someone that I don’t know. This can be an issue, I know this and I am trying to work this out. Hence me trying to go on dates. Someone once told me that dates are like interviews, the more you go on the better you get at them. Hopefully, that’s true. So we’re sitting there, him sipping on what I think was a mojito and me sipping on a glass of water, awkwardly looking at each other and he’s asking questions. They were good questions, but they were the kind of questions that had follow up questions, I guess he didn’t know that because any time I answered he was just like “OK”. Like I said, I’m not the best at keeping a conversation going so there were quite a few moments of silence, while I pretended to watch the football game or fidget with my hands. Which he noticed by the way ::cue the blush::

Thankfully he noticed the time and we had to move on to our next stop, which was across the parking lot and in a dollar theater. I was actually surprised by this place, it had semi-current movies. There’s one in the town that I live in, although I’m not sure if tickets are still a dollar, it always plays movies that are already out on DVD. Our options weren’t stellar but he didn’t care and I got to pick. After some thought I passed on Monsters, Inc and Despicable Me 2 (mental note have to go back to see those) and went with The Wolverine. I figured it was a “manly” movie and really, I just wanted to see it because who doesn’t like a topless Hugh Jackman?! We get our tickets and go into the theater and sit at the back of the theater, I’m guessing these were the “make out” seats because they were pretty much in a dark corner (even with the lights on). Things are alright, I’ve kinda got my ‘defense’ up because I’m just weird like that and sit in weird positions when I’m in a movie theater seat. He was clearly not into the movie and even ended up falling asleep a couple of times, which was actually kind of funny. At some point, I sat like a normal person and he took my hand (before thoroughly inspecting it) and had me scratch his back. (okay, kinda weird, but whatever) That didn’t last long before he sat up said thanks and gave me a peck on the cheek.  (not a problem) Except then he leaned over and put his head on my shoulder, which I can’t imagine was at all comfortable because he’s a tall guy and I am a short girl. (it didn’t bother me really) There were two questionable moments while he was sitting like this; he had his arm laid out across me and his hand grazed my hip/ass. He immediately moved it though, I kind of flinched when he did that. And the second time he did the “stretch” move and ended up grabbing some side boob. Well, I shouldn’t say grab because it was more of a graze, again I flinched and he looked at me and apologized. (interesting) He ended up using his coat as a pillow and continued to lean on me while he slept. (weird) Towards the end of the movie, he said something so I looked to my side and right as I was about to turn back he went in for a kiss. Which ended up landing on my cheek. He made a comment about no kissing on the first date and then went back to sleep, he wasn’t as attentive after that. (oops!)

As soon as we walked out of the movie theater he did this half-hearted stretch & yawn and said he was calling it a night. He walked me to my car, we hugged and he thanked me for coming out. I, in turn, thanked him for “dinner & the movie”. I didn’t think it went too bad, there were a few moments that I made some mental notes (like when he didn’t hold the door open leaving the restaurant and not opening the door walking into the theater). Little things like that I notice and consider “strikes” against you.

Normally I know I’ll hear back when I get a text on the drive home, or sometime in the morning the next day…. didn’t happen. Aaah well, guess there’s no second date with Mr. Swishy Pants.


I decided to shoot a text to a couple of guys that I’ve been talking to over the last month or so, maybe one of them will want to get this ball rolling. (no one responded LOL) I’m sure it’ll be a couple more weeks before I get another date, at least that seems to be the trend.
Random; I found a pretty funny article so click on the picture and check it out. It’s called “EIGHT AWKWARD ONLINE DATING MOMENTS AND HOW TO GET OUT OF THEM”. I will be making note of these because I’ve already started running into a few of these issues.


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