She carries the world on her back

It started with a small backpack that I would take to parties. By the end of the night I would leave with a bag full of goodies, or at least things that others asked me to hold for them and then would forget to collect at the end of the night. I was never really one to carry a big purse, except within the last couple of years. But with every bag that I used it’s almost always the same things stored inside with a little random surprises thrown in the mix. Currently I carry the following items;


  • 8 kinds of lip gloss/stick/stain
  • 2 pens
  • 1 Sharpie marker
  • 1 note pad
  • a daily calendar
  • headphones
  • a small brush
  • 1 small bic lighter
  • 1 travel Kleenex
  • a book
  • My wallet
  • My HoBag (toothbrush, toothpaste, 1 pad, 1 tampon, a pack of gum, condoms, BC, travel aspirin, travel perfume, more Kleenex and a comb  *something I totally suggest every girl carry with her… if you want one let me know and I will totes put it together for you!)
  • Not pictured (because I forget about the front pocket) an umbrella and a lint brush
  • Chopsticks (tucked in the calendar) – these particular ones I use to put my hair up, but I also carry around wooden ones for multipurpose use. You might think that odd, but they have come in handy before.
  • Some hair bands
  • a couple of hair clips

I must have recently cleaned out my purse, because there’s usually some more random things in there. Regarding the chopsticks, I started collecting them because well there are always more chopsticks in your take out than you need. So this one night while I was out at a bar my friend was having some trouble getting the cherry out of her drink. She couldn’t get it with the straw so I bust out a pair of chopsticks and saved the day. She obviously made fun of me for it, because really… chopsticks? But she never questioned anything I carried with me because she knew that when needed I probably had something that would be of good use. She also started calling me Mary Poppins and went around telling everyone (for weeks) about how I saved the day with a pair of chopsticks!



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