Everyone smells

Everyone has a specific scent, whether it’s manufactured and bottled, or it emanates from the very pores of your skin. Everyone smells, like something… it’s not always a bad thing, at least I would like to hope that it isn’t. And please, if I ever

How to tell someone the smell bad (and other awkward conversations)

But sometimes there are things that stick with you, no matter how hard you try to make them go away. Smell seems to have a strong link to memory, at least it does for me. Sometimes it can be a bad thing while other times it can be a good thing. Like any other aspect of my life there are some smells that trigger some seriously manic memories.

  1. Curve (for men) – I think almost every guy I dated in high school wore Curve cologne. It didn’t really mean anything to me until I dated God’s Helper. Every letter that he sent me, anything that he sent me really, was sprayed with cologne. He always said that it was so I wouldn’t “forget”, but really I know he was probably trying to ruin it for me since he KNEW how much I loved it. For Valentine’s day he sent me the cutest teddy bear that came smelling just like him, as well as a candle (although I’m not sure where he got that from because I’ve never seen one in stores). And now, any time I catch a whiff of it I immediately get this sick feeling in my stomach. In fact now that I know where he works any time I am at Busch stadium I am constantly in a state of panic that at any moment I’ll turn a corner, smell that cologne, and run into him.
  2. Motor oil – This had always brought a smile to my face. Mainly because it’s kind of a turn on. Lol It’s more of a “manly” smell and it makes me think that a guy who smells like motor oil and grease knows what he’s doing under the hood of a car. I like knowing that a man knows how to work with his hands. I especially like knowing that if anything were to happen to my car I wouldn’t have to take it in and be overcharged for the work. (~_^) It also reminds me of the year that I spent hanging out with Michigan and the VW boys. (on the flip side, it also reminds me of the ex that I dated while I was hanging out with Michigan and the guys, but there is only a brief moment of displeasure after smelling this).
  3. Flour tortillas on a griddle -There are a lot of food smells that remind me of my grandma, in particular the smell of homemade flour tortillas being cooked on the stove. Most of my memories of my grandma are of her in the kitchen. She was your typical Mexican grandma, and always made you (even just a little bit) hungry whether you liked it or not. You didn’t leave her house hungry. There are a lot of things I wish I could ask her, mainly how she made everything. I asked her once for a recipe and she just replied “ay hija, no se que le pongo, ¿como te puedo decir?” (I don’t know what I put, how can I tell you) and it’s true, I would watch her sometimes and she didn’t always put the same ingredients… yet somehow it always tasted the same. How I miss mama’s cooking, while we have quite a few good cooks in the family no one does it quite like she did.

There are a lot of different things that trigger memories, smells being the most common trigger. It makes me a bit sad to know that my sense of smell is going bad, because I have an already bad sense of memory so how much worse will it be if I’m unable to smell things that trigger my memories?!

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