Naps, MRI’s and MORE Baseball.

Another successful trip down to good ol’ St. Louis! This time it was for a research study at Washington university, but of course I had to fit in some baseball since the Cardinals went on to the NCLS. The study was interesting, it was basically me in an MRI machine responding to various questions. This experience has reminded me just how bad my memory is and how much I should start working on improving that. Are there any “fun” ways to help improve memory? It also reminded me how awful I am at math… (-_-) Thnx a lot cute Grad Student!!!

imageI actually had two extra passes for the Hospitality party. On my way back from a bathroom trip I over heard a couple talking about how they should have been on a list, so I gave them my extra passes. I think that counts as my good deed for the week! Don’t you?

imageThings always look further away in pictures, I do not like this….

imageYou can’t really see the color in this photo but my brother was rocking a pink v-neck, while my cousin was rocking some pink shorts… I guess the rest of us didn’t get the memo. He also decided that the bags of popcorn on every table shouldn’t go to waste so he grabbed two of them. My car still smells like butter. Normally I wouldn’t complain about the smell of butter, but it’s one of those smells that makes me hungry so I don’t want it lingering in my car… that, and I’m not fond of my car smelling like something in particular.


I was amused by her pants, I didn’t realize that they were actually “cardinals” paraphernalia, although I should have known considering where I was and who I was with. They’re seriously die hard fans… I mean everyone in my family is, everyone. Except us, of course, somehow we didn’t get that memo either because sports weren’t a huge deal in my house. Alas, this is a lesson I am learning late in life, but I guess it’s better than nothing. I’m really starting to dig this baseball thing. (^_~)

After the Hospitality party we walked down the street to this bar, who knew people in STL actually went out downtown… or that there were even places to GO TO downtown! It was my cousin’s Girlfriends birthday, she insisted that there be Irish Carbombs. “Sadly” I did not participate in this event, mostly because I don’t like them! Someone called them a potato milkshake, I thought that was appropriate.


We didn’t really stay out late since we had to be up early again to finish the Study… but you can still fit a lot of beer into the post game celebration when the game starts at 3pm. Needless to say, I wasn’t driving home that night and it’s moments like these that I’m glad my older brother is responsible (AKA not much of a drinker).image

Sunday night I realized I hadn’t eaten anything except lunch so I stopped into Jack in the Box to visit Jack! I couldn’t decide if this image was awesome or really creepy. imageDrove home Monday and came home to some very attention starved kiddos… You would think that I was gone for months the way they climbed all over me. Ah well, momma still loves ’em.

And there you have it, three weekends in a row driving down to St. Louis… my travels have ended, at least until Thanksgiving. Or… if the Cardinals make it to the World Series, then I may be taking an extended trip down at the end of this month to attend the WS Gala and a game! Jamie Garcia will be there and it’ll be a more upscale event, so I won’t have to compete with drunk fans to get his attention. My odds are sounding pretty good right now. The only problem with that is I’ll need to get a dress suitable for a Gala. Where can a girl get something like this and not pay a million dollars? I’ve always wanted to do a fancy dress up party… maybe this will be my chance.

On the dating front;
Things were pretty quiet this weekend since I was busy taking naps in an MRI machine. I still heard from Michigan at least once a day, and there’s a new guy in the pipeline that I heard from once. This one’s my age… surprise, yes occasionally I am attracted to people my own age! He seems relatively normal, although he has a way of wording things that make him sound either really profound or like a whack job. I haven’t decided.

But still no actual dates, just random texting with people. I would like for one of these gents to eventually ask me out. I mean, I suppose I could do it myself, but I guess I’m a bit old fashioned. I can initiate, but you have to take it from there, or at least you should want to make some initiative to move forward. This does not seem to be the case with most of the guys that I’ve ‘met’. Buzz Kill.



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