It’s the little things

I’m supposed to write about my youthful memories but I’m in a bit of a funk today and I’m not entirely sure that I want to go down that road. I’ll still share a couple of photos with you all, these were found after my grandparents passed away. I haven’t seen many pictures from my childhood so finding these was like finding gold.
I’m glad that my grandma and grandpa had all of these, I’ve been told that more were found but I haven’t seen them yet. I’ll come back and add subtitles, it’s a bit hard to do on the mobile app, at least for me.







In good news, a friend of mine (we’ll call him Michigan) finished basic training last week for the Army National Guard. He sent me a message today to let me know that he’ll be in Chicago before Christmas on leave and wanted to get together. Now I know I’m probably not the only person he’s reached out to, but I was honestly surprised to hear from him so soon. Before he left we’d talked about getting together but it just never happened. He lives about 3 hours from me so logistics and planning just never worked. Before he left we hadn’t talked for a few weeks, but the week of we ended up saying goodbye. Admittedly I was sad that he was leaving, I knew it wouldn’t be for a long time but after hearing the stories my brother told me I was nervous. But then again, if my brother could make it through basic training (for the Marines) surely Michigan could make it through as well. We’ve been talking back and forth all day, and I feel a bit guilty for not writing but honestly thought he had more important people he wanted to hear from. I’m a bit flattered that we’ve been talking all day, and have to be careful not to think too much of it!


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