If I had…a wish list

* If I had a booty, I would fit in jeans better.
* If I had a few more inches added to my legs, I wouldn’t have to stand on my tippy toes so much.
* If I had 50k, I would be financially comfortable for a while and I’d still be able to keep my job
* If I had received a raise every year like I should have, I would be in a better place right now.
* If I had my own place, I would probably be covered in cat hair.
* “If I had a million dollars…”
* If I had a significant other, I would never have to suffer through the tension that I seem to collect in my neck. Why? Because my lover would be nice enough to massage that knot out.
* If I had more energy, I would see my friends more often.
* If I had an hdmi cable that was a foot longer, I would be able to watch Netflix on the flat screen.
* If I had enough sense, I would date the right people.
* If I had more time, I would cook more. I miss cooking.
* If I had more common sense, I would have worn the first set of retainers like I was supposed to, I would have saved myself another 2.5k!
* If I lived in St. Louis, I would see more of my family.
* If I had stayed in Cahokia, I would probably have at least one kid. LOL
* If I had called my grandparents when I said I would or thought about it, I wouldn’t feel so guilty.
* If I had more patience, I would fix the hinge and change the bezel on my laptop.
* If I ever get my own place, I would need a second bedroom just as a closet.
* If I had a trustworthy “guide”, I would get a cleansing.
* If I had disposable income, I would have a place in Soulard or Tower Grove AND in Chicago.
* If I had my way, I would eat bacon every day. BACON!



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