I’ve conquered the Granny!

A couple of months ago my Sister in Law asked me to make a couple of baby blankets for my nieces. Well, I shouldn’t say baby because they’re not really babies anymore. Either way, I started this blanket a couple of months ago on a weekend that I “grounded” myself. I figured if I wasn’t going to allow myself to go out and spend money that I’d do something productive with my time. So I went to Hobby Lobby, picked up a “crocheting for dummies” type book and a bunch of yarn. I’ve made blankets before but I used a basic single stitch, the only stitch that I knew.
I’ve made exactly two blankets using this stitch; one for an ex-boyfriend’s nephew (who last I heard didn’t go anywhere without it) and one for my niece. Both blankets were kind of a mess, but hey I didn’t really know that I was doing so….
But this time I read the book and I watched a couple of tutorials on YouTube, amazing what the internet can teach you, and I learned how to crochet a granny square! After a few months, and long hours, I’ve come to the end of my third blanket. This one ISN’T a mess, and I thing I did a damn good job. There’s one final tough that I want to make before I wrap it up.

It’s maybe 4’x4′, I’ll have to double check once it’s completely done.

And the yarn has a bit of shimmer to it.


My hope is that my nieces know and remember me, and that they always have a piece of me with them (so to speak). This particular blanket will (hopefully) accompany my youngest niece in December when she had to go in for corrective surgery. My little munchkin will have to be in two foot casts for a while, she is going to be so mad LOL.

On a different note, I was finally chosen to receive a Influenster Vox box! I signed up with influenster a while ago and had completely forgotten until I received and email saying I’d be getting a package in the mail. I received the items below:


The toothpaste is already done with, that was the first thing I opened. I’ve always been a fan of Colgate, for as long as I can remember that’s the brand that we’ve had in the house. The toothbrush that I was currently using want that old, so I put it in my ho-bag! You never know when you’ll need certain items so, I carry them in my purse. I tried the toothbrush that influenster sent me. I must say it’s quite nice. I have a tendency to brush really hard, which I should stop doing before I scrap off all of my tooth enamel, but it didn’t feel like I was with this brush. The bristles are firm but soft when in use, almost as if they’re not even there. The one thing I didn’t like about the brush was the length. I ended up smacking myself in the mouth a couple of times, but that may be because I’m just clumsy. All in all I think it’s a good product, we’ll see how long it lasts!



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