Baseball, Booze and Ex-boyfriends

I spent the weekend in St. Louis, the Cardinals were playing against the Cubs and my cousin gave me tickets for Saturday’s game. The drive down took longer than I’d hoped thanks to a ton of construction on I55 so I made it in time to hear that the Cardinals won and I was to go straight to Busch stadium to meet my cousins. If the Cardinals won the organization was going to have a party for employees so I quickly changed my clothes and drove downtown.

image(Thnx Cardinal Nation for hooking it up with some tasty beverages!)

My cousin M met me at the employee entrance and guided me straight to the bar (hey, mega thanks to the Cardinals organization I definitely needed that drink)! While I was waiting to get my drink my cousin C came up and all I heard next was “OMG it’s my cousin G!! What are you doing here, I didn’t know you were coming!” She’s small, but boy can she yell! And then this happens:
C: I work with your ex-boyfriend
Me: (confused) You do? Who? (Trying to think who the heck she could be talking about because everyone I’ve ever dated has either been a die hard Cubs or White Sox fan)
C: A guy you dated in high school.
Me: OK really, who is it? (Still confused)
C: God’s Helper! He started working here and was like ‘I dated your cousin’ I didn’t know you guys dated!”
Me: oh, right. Him. (Pause) OMG he’s not here is he?
C: No, I don’t think so.

I almost ran out of there and into the nearest bar to hide. I haven’t talked to or seen God’s Helper in 13 years, since he told me that he’d lost his virginity to some chick (after he’d told me that he was saving himself for me, because we were supposed to get married). We’d been dating for a while, and at 16/17 this was the best relationship I’d ever been in… we met through a cousin of mine who went to school with him. We’d write each other multiple letters a week (long, elaborate letters), talk everyday after school from the moment we walked in the door until we were called for dinner and then again in the evening until it was time for bed. We’d even “slept together” a couple of times a week… as in we’d stay on the phone so late at night that we’d both fall asleep. It was pretty fucking adorable and my friends were jealous of this amazing boyfriend that I had. Ugh I guess I should explain… God’s Helper lived near St. Louis and I was up near Chicago. We didn’t see each other very often but we were pretty loyal to each other, plus at 16/17 I was naive enough to believe that he loved me and that we’d go to college together and then get married after graduation. I even went so far as to agree to have babies with him so he could have a little baseball team (I don’t want babies). Plus I was really impressed that a guy as attractive and popular as he was could be interested in someone like me, especially impressed that at 18 he’d gone this far without giving into the pressure of sex. He was so enamored that he’d decided we’d end up together and I was the special girl. Well… I was special until he met someone else. On April 1st 2000 my cousin told me that she thought he might be seeing someone on the side, so I asked him, of course! I thought it was a cruel April’s Fool joke and of course because he was a good Christian boy, he didn’t deny it. He apologized profusely and said he still loved me. Loved me so much that he could no longer hurt me and said God had brought him into my life in order to help me. And now that I was in a better place God told him that his job was done. At this point in my life I’d started to question my religious upbringing and thought he was full of shit. If God had really spoken to him and told him to help me, then clearly God would have told him that lying and cheating were sins. That he was actually breaking TWO of God’s holy commandments… so how could God have actually spoken to him! After that I never spoke to him again. Two years later when I was attending the college we were both supposed to go to I contemplated looking him up, but didn’t. In 2007 I heard that he and the girl got married…and this weekend I was told that they recently had a baby. Joy! What’s even better is that I know a couple of people in the organization and now they ALL know that we dated. Awesome!

So while I had an amazing time I was always looking over my shoulder in case he happened to pop up because I did NOT want to run into him.

image(My yearly Cubs/Cadinals game- one of the only Cubs games I go to a year.)


After Saturday’s game (cardinals win again!) my cousin M and I went to this club on Washington Ave. Earlier that week she set up a signing with Yadier Molina and after all was said and done he invited her to an event that his record label was having for one of their artists. So we’re hanging out listening to music and she spots Yadi, we go over and after talking to security he comes over and says hi. I’ve heard of the guy but I’m not really into baseball so I didn’t really KNOW who he was. Apparently people are afraid of him but dude looked really nice, and he was. M pointed out a couple of the other players that were there, but again… I didn’t know who they were lol. Except one, she made it very clear on the way to the club that I should know one; Jaime Garcia. A young, attractive and single pitcher. She’d mentioned that he wasn’t playing this season because of an injury but that he was a really nice guy and she saw him all the time in the gym. Apparently this was also “set G up with a man” weekend, because the night before C asked if there were any guys at the party that I liked so she’d introduce me, go figure I picked out all of the married guys- oops! So M talk’s this guy up, I wasn’t really into the idea for a couple of reasons but mainly because the guy was a baseball player; I was sure that he wouldn’t be interested in me and had better looking girls throwing themselves at him.

M got all excited when she spotted Jaime sitting with Yadi and said that I should go meet him. Yea, let me just talk my way through security and the mass of women who were also waiting to get up into the VIP section. (no thanks) I will admit, that she was right about one thing- Jaime was pretty damn hot. I’m not generally attracted to Hispanic men, too many negative stigmas associated with them and I really have yet to meet one that hasn’t hurt me. (I know, not ALL men are dogs just like not all Hispanic men are liars, cheaters, dicks, etc) I’ve just generally not been interested and the two hispanic men I HAVE dated were halfixans raised by the “half” side.

Unfortunately for the main artist there weren’t a lot of people in the club, fortunately for ME it gave me a clear view of Jaime. Ha! And because of this any time I glanced his way I saw that he was looking ours. This is what I’m telling myself, so this is what I am choosing to believe! When we’d move, he’d move… so it must be true! Towards the end of the night Yadi sent his manager over to check on us and we ended up back at VIP. So what does M do, she walks up to Jaime, pushes me forward and introduces us! I suddenly got so nervous, not because of who he was but because it’s always awkward when anyone tries to hook me up with someone. We didn’t talk really, it was just an introduction after all, and there was a line of girls trying to get to him. But he came off like a nice guy, he asked if I’d prefer English or Spanish, and responded (in Spanish) that either worked so it was his preference. Before we could continue a drunk girl pushed past me and started talking to him so I took a step back before she pushed me down on the couch. Lol almost immediately Yadi walked over, thanked us for coming and wished us a good night. The lights came on and the party was over… we said goodbye to Jaime and walked out. Ha as soon as we got into the car M thanked me for not acting like a super fan, I mean how could I? I didn’t really know who these guys were or what they did until that night. She said she’d try and put in a good word for me the next time she saw Jaime in the gym or around the organization. Um ok lol. And since he wouldn’t be in town next weekend when I’m there again, we’d just have to go to another game. I think she’s determined to have this guy wife me… good luck M, good luck.

So that was the excitement of this weekend, drank on the Cardinal’s dime and met some baseball players all while trying to avoid seeing and talking about a guy who broke my heart in high school. Fun times. I wonder what excitement NEXT weekend will bring, actually I’m pretty sure what excitement it will bring and I’m not really looking forward to it.

Saw this little beauty parked next to the stadium. Earlier that morning I heard that VW is stopping production of this model. Whatever they have left in Brazil is all that’s left. (-_-;)

imageMy home away from home… good ol’ St. Louis.  It doesn’t matter that I left when I was 7 years old, I spent half of my youth there and all of my family is there. So, I will always consider it home, and maybe just maybe when I’m older and “more settled” I’ll move there. I said maybe.


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