Doctors, Diets and Life changes, start tomorrow.


Without going into too much detail I’ve been going to the doctor pretty frequently the last three years or so.  I’d finally gotten it down to one doctor’s appointment every six months. The last time I went in (August) my doctor said we could start going back to a regular schedule, so I was really looking forward to not having to be back until the following August!!! I mean, I’d been in there so often that my doctor, nurse practitioner, and receptionist knew just as much about me as one of my friends did.

I figured, since we’re now into our third week of September, that as always “no news, is good news”. Well that wasn’t the case, I received a call yesterday and when she didn’t leave a message I figured it wasn’t good.  And of course, it wasn’t.

The doctor suggests adding a multi-vitamin to my daily routine and doing what I could keep my immune system up. I’ve made some small changes over the last couple of years and health wise I’ve been much better! Enough so that I’ve even lost weight. So there I was after work, thinking about what my doctor said and trying to see what I have to continue doing. I’m hoping that by documenting it, it’ll push me to follow through.

Things I need to do in order to not only keep my health in check, but to also put me in an overall better place.

1. Regular exercise:  I’ve read and have been told that just 20 minutes of a steady rapid heartbeat would be beneficial. I’ve never really been good at maintaining an exercise regime, so this one I KNOW will be difficult.

2. Get more antioxidants in your diet: This is where the multi-vitamin comes in, along with keeping up with the changes I’ve made to my diet.  I think this one will be the easiest because antioxidant rich vegetables/fruits are freaking GOOD! And for the most part, we always keep a good chunk of them in the house.

3. Adequate sleep:  This one will also be difficult considering I have the hardest time sleeping. I’ve always been more of a night person, and what sleep I do get is usually broken up into short segments.

4. Practice relaxation techniques: LESS STRESS!!! Comes right after exercise. I can’t say that life is going all that smoothly lately. But… I’m trying hard not to let too much stress build up.

5. Laugh: When in doubt, just do something fun. Leave your troubles behind you and let loose once in a while.

This is the plan, this is how it’s going to be the next couple of months, and hopefully in doing all of this my next doctor’s visit will come with better news.

This was the plan, of course, until I came home to this;



A new recipe for stuffed pork chops with homemade stuffing and green beans. Next time, I’ll have to put the pork chops in a brine, the flavor didn’t stick as much as I would have liked, but it was still good. There are always improvements with food! An added bonus, the stuffing tasted like the one my grandma always made, except we were missing the meat. I’ll have to make note of this come Thanksgiving.

So this is me, saying I’m going to continue to take care of myself, or at least take better care of myself. And for you to do the same!



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