Love Notes from a Stranger pt 2

I haven’t actually been active with the online dating thing, I’m not entirely sure what I’ve doing but I’ve been really busy the last couple of days/weeks. I mean I check in once in a while but generally leave messages unread for a bit. I logged in today and just wanted to share a couple of things…

Mainly things you probably shouldn’t say when making that first impression.

ImageI’m sorry…. WHAT? I looked at this guys profile and it says he’s Hispanic, but wtf kind of question is that?


This guy clearly didn’t read my profile, at all. If he had he would have known that a) I hate being called “baby”. I save pet names for when I actually know a person, I don’t use them just for the sake of using them. b) There is NO punctuation, capitalization and what is with the spelling!? Are adults still doing that, I thought that was something that stopped after high school.


WHY ARE YOU YELLING AT ME!???? No, I would not like to chat with you Sir. It’s hard enough to get a real feel for what someone is saying in a message because you can’t hear HOW s/he’s saying something, but it’s even harder when THEY LEAVE THE CAPS LOCK ON.


Do not. I repeat Do NOT as a girl why she’s single. If I knew exactly why I was single I wouldn’t be on this damn website, would I? Points for calling me a “woman” though, I don’t think any one has ever done that, generally it’s “girl”.


This one, I liked… the guy, however, I did not. Sorry dude.

Just reading this stuff is exhausting. Do I really have it in me to go through with this dating thing or can I just accept the fact that I may indeed remain single for the rest of my days.



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