OOTD: Slimming Effect?

There seems to be some question about my weight recently… not in a negative way, on the contrary I’ve apparently lost a noticeable amount of weight. Not complaining – rejoicing actually – so I took the ultimate test. I took a picture of myself! ha. I’ve never really been fond of pictures of myself, always thought I looked way bigger than I actually am. But today, that didn’t appear to be the case;


Hello unprofessional – bathroom – selfie! Don’t even care. lol I’ve always been fond of clothes that cinch just above the waist, (un)fortunately for me that also accentuates the bust, but hey the things we do to look good right? Anyhow, today I went with a simple outfit; Camel colored skirt, plain white t-shirt and a burgundy sweater (while it was light, I still regretted wearing it because it felt like they turned on the heat at work). Throw on a pair of 4″ camel pumps and we’re good to go!

So whatever it is that I’m doing… I should keep it up. Probably a mixture of stress and a love for cornflakes with chocolate milk.


One thought on “OOTD: Slimming Effect?

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