Once a party girl, always a party girl- apparently.

There seems to be a general opinion of me… well, there are a few opinions of me floating around out there, but the one I’m currently thinking of is that I am apparently some huge party girl. And any time I meet someone new and this comes up… it makes me think of this gem by Eddie Murphy;

Now, the truth is that yes, I DO like to party. Or rather, I enjoy going out, but to say that I’m all about the good times and parties is false. And I think sometimes this is why people don’t really get to know me, because the life style that I supposedly live is fast and dangerous. I assure you, it is not, in the least bit. Especially not dangerous!

It’s not like I’m driving out to the hood to go to a party at 2 in the morning anymore.

I like going out though, and am usually forcing myself to be social, because if I didn’t then no one would ever see me and I’d be a huge hermit. No joke, if I don’t make myself go out once in a while I probably wouldn’t leave my house. So, I go out… to bars, to clubs, to restaurants, where ever the people are!

But gone are the days where I’m in the city 4-5 days in a row and out until 3-5 A.M. Now I’m lucky if I go out once a week and I’m usually home by 2 A.M.

I do miss it sometimes, racing home so that I could jump into bed before the sun came up… because if I didn’t I wouldn’t be able to sleep, at all. Thank goodness for blackout curtains! This probably has a lot to do with my insomnia now… aah the consequences of our life choices.

I also think that the reason why people think I’m such a party girl is because when I DO go out, there are pictures, and lots of them! But it’s not my fault that my friends like to pretend to be paparazzi!!!

In fact, this last weekend – a long holiday weekend at that – I spent most of my time alone on my couch watching reruns of Friends and the Nanny… zomg too much rave!!! How’s that for a big party girl?!

And now… if you’ll excuse me, I think I’ll go to bed now.

– Kthnxbai!


2 thoughts on “Once a party girl, always a party girl- apparently.

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