Where’s the Replay button?

On my way to work I listen to Fred + Angi on Kiss FM Chicago, they have a segment called Waiting by the phone. Basically someone calls into the station in order to find out why there wasn’t a second date. There’s usually some big detail that the caller obviously leaves out, but of course everything went great and everyone had a good time so s/he has NO idea why there was no second date.  It’s not at all because the girl got drunk and puked -before sleeping with the guy- or because she’s pregnant, or even because they live in the same building and he’s stalking her.

As I find myself in the very situation that might get me on the radio I’m thinking…

a) I guess it didn’t go as well as I thought and b) I definitely do not want to air that on the radio!

And yet.. here I am still waiting by the phone….

(Photo Credit: Superior Pics)

Going over every moment in my head and trying to figure out what exactly it was that made the guy change his mind. Seeing as how he went from ‘omg I’m totally into you, can’t wait to see you again in a few hours even though our date isn’t even over yet’ to absolute silence. And while the idea of KNOWING why is enticing, I would definitely not want that made public on the radio. I mean, writing about it is one thing because it’s still a mystery, I can make up my own reasons as to why *I* think he might have changed his mind. Or maybe it’s nothing in particular and the guy’s just a flake.

I think this experience with Mr. Tinder has made dating even more daunting for me.

But… at some point I’ll have to give it another go, so it’s probably better that I just jump right into it. Hopefully the next experience will be better, or at least more honest.



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