Somebody answer the phone!

I’m not sure about anyone else, but if I receive a notification of any kind from my phone I. Must. Clear. It! Whatever it is, where ever I am or what ever I’m doing the minute I hear that little ding (noise or song, depending on what my phone’s trying to tell me) I have to respond, or at the very least make the light go away other wise it will bother me. I will literally get anxious about the light or notification going off, I’m pretty sure this is a thing. I’m aware that it’s caused by my own doing, but I believe it’s also caused by how we’re constantly connected.

[Side note; I definitely suffer from phantom phone, and that’s annoying as shit.]

I’m especially bad at ignoring texts messages. Doesn’t matter that it’s 3 a.m. and I’m asleep or the fact that if I respond there is a very high chance that I may not be able to fall back asleep… I will respond. It’s so bad that I have been known to text in my sleep BECAUSE I FEEL IT’S ONLY POLITE TO RESPOND. Granted not just any schmoe will text me at 3 in the morning, but even if he (because 9 out of 10 times it is a HE) does, he’ll get a quick response. “I’m sleeping, let’s talk about it tomorrow” never being that response, but I’m usually half asleep and don’t think about it.

Now, I know that people get busy and sometimes it’s hard to remember… but I think SOME response is better than none. It only takes a few seconds to say “hey, busy I’ll lyk later” or something. Especially when we live in a time when most people constantly carry their phones with them.

I’m going on day three of (not so patiently) waiting for a response from someone… and needed to rant. I only just thought of this irk as I was woken up by a text from Mr. Tweety Bird and as messed up as it was, felt he at least deserved a response. (Yea still haven’t figured out how to block people on my phone…nts)



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