The return of Tweety Bird.

I shouldn’t have mentioned the ex, he apparently has a sixth sense because he’s made contact. When I woke up Sunday morning I was really confused as to why he text me with “good morning”.

Shit, I didn’t…did I? Yup, I did. I had a really bad lapse in judgment and I text him. Oh, and I sent him an email… yes, an email! At an ungodly time of night. He’d apparently deleted my number after our last encounter, maybe a year or two ago, because he asked who I was. This was my moment to let it slip away and he’d never know it was me. *phew* I didn’t respond.

Until Monday morning… I hadn’t realized that an email was sent. Wtf was I thinking?!

“Ha so that lovely text was from you?”

G: Yea, I clearly wasn’t in the best decision making mode.

“Looks like it. I thought you missed me. Lol I miss you.”

G: why do you do that? Say you miss me as if it’s as normal as saying good bye?

“I only say it to you.”

G: I’m sure.

“I do. Am I not allowed to miss you?”

G: I suppose. But it’s not like we dated all that long.

And there we have it, a man who I dated for only a couple of months, who was rarely around and strung me along…. misses me.  Despite me trying to make something work with him and him choosing to one day listen to me when I said we were broken up and disappeared.

Only to come back randomly a couple of years later and tell me how sorry he was for how he treated me. Because he “didn’t know how good I was” at the time and had recently ended the relationship he had after me. With a “crazy girl” I might add… Lol I actually contemplated the idea of ending the relationship I was currently in, until I realized that it wouldn’t have been a wise choice (on either end). And we parted ways again.

Until a year or so ago, we ran into each other on the street and after a cup of coffee he (again) said how much he missed me and asked if we could try again, since we were both single. I laugh, asked him if he was nuts and we didn’t speak again.

And now…. here we are, yet again but by my own idiotic doing. I really need to clean out my contact list so that I’m not reaching out to old flames like this again. Thus avoiding ripping open old wounds… for him, not me. If a man is not wise enough to know a good thing when he sees one, it’s his own damn fault.

Me…. I’m going back to my relationship with ice cream.



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