Committed, even without a commitment.

I think I really do attract a special kind of guy… and really, I’m over it. I’ve also realized that I’m not so good at the ‘omg so amazing dating life’, because, well I tend to focus on one person. And of course it’s always that “special” kind of guy.

You know, the one that’s all smooth, attractive and knows just what to say to peak your interest but then does the complete opposite? Yea… I’m there. Again. I KNOW what I should do, I KNOW what I shouldn’t do or say for that matter, and yet I find myself thinking about the situation and have to talk myself into Not. Making. Contact!!

A few posts ago I’d mentioned him, he initiated contact on tinder. Things seemed to be going pretty well, we clicked, we were playful and for a couple of days it was pretty constant. It was easy to talk to him… which isn’t something that I have with just anyone so of course I took that as a sign. But then, I didn’t hear from him. I was talking to a friend about the situation and he said that I should initiate contact, since he initiated the first time it was now my turn. So I did.

Again, it was easy, it was playful and it was sweet. It ended that we’d make plans the following week, after a business trip.


A promise was made, and you know “a promise is a promise”. Whatever that means… because here I am… writing to you about it, it’s now a week later and no word. I probably jinxed it with that last comment, but let’s be honest about all of this, shall we? I’m trying to be honest anyway. I probably should have written him off after that first time, it was recommended, but… I care too much and too fast. So after only a few conversations with this guy, he’s really all I could focus on. Lucky me.

It’s funny though, how he asks if I hate commitment, when he’s the one who hasn’t committed to a any plans we’ve made.

Homeboy has until Sunday to make contact, otherwise I’m done.

This actually reminds me of a similar situation, I ended up “dating” a guy for maybe 6 months, 3 of which I actually saw him. The other 3 months was him ignoring me then texting asking how his ‘gf’ was, apparently he thought that was okay and didn’t believe that we’d broken up (twice).

See… a special kind of guy. 😉

To be continued….



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