Not the Mama!

On the way home from work today I started thinking about this guy that I was talking to briefly. Everything was going fine and smoothly, until he said it… Mama.

He. Called. Me. Mama!

It was like I was riding in a taxi and all of the sudden the driver slammed on the breaks and my head went crashing into the partition.

“oooh No. Please don’t say that”


“That last part”

“Don’t like endearing?”

“Too many creepy dudes hollerin’ at me while walking down the street as a kid… Not fond of being called ‘mama’ so…”

“I’ll remember that”

I get being endearing but… what is it with guys calling girls some form of “Mother”. Any time someone says some variation of that to me I immediately think of Baby Sinclair from the Dinosaurs.

Don’t call me mama, mami, mommy,  ma, or any other form of Mother, it’s not good. It’s not sexy, it’s gross! I am not your mother, we’re not living some Oedipus romance. Just… Don’t.  And honestly, how can you really be endearing when you don’t really know the person you’re speaking to, before the pet names come out shouldn’t you at least meet? (^_~)




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