Oh Mr. Cleaver!

I probably shouldn’t, but I will… I have a slight work crush.

Not one of those “OMG I LOOOOOOOOOOVE HIM” type deals, because I most certainly don’t. But I think he’s just cute and makes me smile. ha! He’s an older guy, total father type, actually he reminds me a lot of Mr. Cleaver from Leave it to Beaver. He just seems like he’d be a really good dad, the kind that goes to his kid’s football games or recitals.  He wears total “dad” jeans and always has his shirt tucked in and he’s very well groomed. That doesn’t sound very attractive at all, does it? Definitely not someone I’d see myself actually dating (were he single) so I’m not sure what exactly it is about him… I guess he just seems like a good dad and oddly enough I find it attractive. Good God, I think my daddy issues are coming out in this one. (-_-)

It just puts a smile on my face when he comes around or acknowledges my presence, which isn’t something he would have done a few months ago. But that’s what I get for basically sitting at my desk all day and not really socializing with the rest of the company.

Ugh, I am dying for attention here, aren’t I?  It’s moments like these were I realize I really shouldn’t put off looking for a therapist, too many weird thoughts happening up there that sometimes I even weird myself out.

Up Next: The Oedipus Complex and guys who call girls “Mama” (or something).



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