And then she jumped over the edge.

Let’s talk about how I fail at dating…

Met up with a guy tonight – yay didn’t get stood up, again – we haven’t talked much in terms of pre-date so I really was going in kind of blind. First of all, I didn’t plan my outfit very well and ended up wearing a short dress, totally cute but not conducive to playing pool, bowling, or walking around in semi windy weather. (Ugh) Second, my conversation skills are sub par. I can be painfully shy and quiet. I’m aware of this, the last guy I dated went so far as to say that I never really had anything to contribute conversation wise. So I know that it is an issue… but there has to be a certain level of comfort that I don’t have with many people. SO, when meeting NEW people, well…you can imagine.

He was a good sport though and appeared to understand my dilemma. He carried most of the conversation and I did throw in some follow up questions so I wasn’t a complete mute. (Ugh) And it couldn’t have been all that bad because after a short stroll around the “downtown” area he did ask if I wanted to see him again. That’s a good sign, right? I should probably take a couple of shots before hand so that I’m not so tense and quiet. There’s the answer to my problem, become a functioning alcoholic. I’m sure that would do wonders for my career as well!

BUT… I DID IT! After spending the last two days feeling sick about the idea of meeting a stranger and going on a date… I did it. Don’t think that it didn’t cross my mind to cancel, go home and watch cat videos. Because as I was turning into the main road, I did.

First date #1 down! Now if only the guy I AM talkative with would bring up the idea of meeting again.


OH, I suppose I should comment on the actual guy. Tall, lanky, sweet and funny… just the way I like them! He looked a bit different than in his pictures, but that’s ok because he reminded me of someone and I probably would have spent the whole time obsessing over who! But totes adorbs. (^_^)



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