Third time’s a charm!

I kind of hit the ground running on this whole “Dating” thing… at least, I think I did… until I ran into some walls and now I’m like “Wtf…”

Since seriously taking the time to go through this online dating thing, I’ve started talking to a couple of people. I currently have 3 in my pipeline as we speak, but I’m not entirely sure what’s going on or where it’s going. I know that I’ve said it before but I really am out of my element here!! Since the beginning I’ve made 3 dates, and two just didn’t work out. The first was with some young 20 something from the town over and on the day we were supposed to meet he flaked and I haven’t heard from him since. Still talking to the guy from OKC who said it might be rushing if he gave me his number, that’s only lead to random texting back and forth. I’m not sure where this will go or where I want it to go. Which sounds awful and I know I should figure that out stat.

Then… there’s the Hot_B and the Kid

Hot_B has seemed really interested, we haven’t been texting that long but it’s been pretty constant, made a date for a sunday funday… and NOTHING. This actually made me sad, I thought it was going so well! But, apparently there was a work emergency and that’s kept him preoccupied the last couple of days. So.. back to square one with him, I’m really hoping that we’ll reschedule! 🙂

The Kid and I are supposed to get together tomorrow, he’s made me realize how much I really don’t know the area that I live in because I’ve been struggling to come up with good date ideas in the area that aren’t lame or super cheezy. I’ve decided to go with cheezy. Probably meet up at one of the pubs in the town over (incidentally where the 1st guy is from) have a drink or two and then maybe take a stroll “downtown”. Totes romantic, right?

We’ll see how that all goes… I can feel my stomach turning just thinking about it, this all makes me so nervous, and giddy. I’m such a weirdo.


One thought on “Third time’s a charm!

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