Your certificate is in the mail.

Despite my being destined to marry an older man, I’m realizing that guys my age kind of suck right now. I always figured I’d be a cougar, LOL, seeing as most of the guys have been younger. Not by much, but still younger.

And within the past couple of months I’ve noticed a larger number of younger guys contact me compared to guys my own age. In fact, guys my own age are the ones sending me the creepy messages or they just look… old. I know that 30 isn’t that old, but sometimes I forget how old I am and think 34+ is too old for me! Lol

With that being said, I’ve been chatted up by a couple of very nice young men and I do believe I’m reaching “Puma” status. (^_^) And I am definitely o.k. with that!


One thought on “Your certificate is in the mail.

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