She saw it in the cards.

I had an interesting experience over the weekend, I saw a Tarot card reader. I’ve always been fascinated with this “talent”, enough so that I went out and bought the whole “tarot card for dummies” kit. I didn’t get very far in that though, instead settled on the idea that I would have someone read my card for me. Rather than take the time to learn and form my own gift.

I sat down with this woman asking for a Palm reading, I knew that the cards would require more thought so I figured a general reading would do. This woman didn’t have any of that, the moment I sat down and told her what I wanted she said no. I looked at her thinking, “I’m the customer, what do you mean no” She looked me right in the eyes and said my energy was really strong and conflicting, I needed my cards read. So I thought, o.k. let’s do this, shuffled the cards and picked out ten at random.

Despite my interest in this, I have my doubts, but I’ve heard from a few people that this can be real. She started off by saying I was really confused and conflicted (true), I was struggling with something and it was causing me a lot of pain. (True) But that I shouldn’t worry because I had a strong aura and I had a woman watching over me, someone very close who’d passed not to long ago. (True) This woman always told me to be strong and pushed me to personal growth, not to let anyone take advantage. (True) I know that it sounds vague, but she did hit on a few things that described my grandma closely. Then she went into detail and someone in my life who is jealous of me and who I should stay away from, which would be hard because it’s someone I deal with pretty regularly. I had a strong spirit, but there was only so much fighting I could do with this person. If I wasn’t careful, this person would drain me and my energy. She recommended I go walking because I get my energy from the sun. (Lol)

She kept repeating how strong of a person I was and how I shouldn’t worry because my troubles were almost over. I really hope she’s right about that because I could really use an emotional break!

Of course, I asked about love. I didn’t need to worry about that because I’ve always been surrounded by love and I will always be surrounded. I’m not to concern myself with that right now because I have to focus on ME. I pushed for more info in that and she said I was definitely destined to be married, that was made very clear to her, and that it would be with someone older. There would be a big purchase made (with someone else) and we’d live happily ever after in the glow of my success.

She did mention my mom, which I thought was weird, and told me to pass a message to her. She’s supposed to insist that her doctor change her medications. If she does, it’ll all be for the better..and no matter how hard of a time she’s having now she needs to get over it otherwise she’ll miss certain opportunities… my mom just laughed at that.

I’m curious to see how this all pans out, I have been meaning to reach out to this woman that some close friends have talked to, she’s supposed to be really thorough, and compare what’s said.



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