Explain it to me like I’m dumb.

I feel like all I have to talk about is dating and dating related items… I think it’s time I get some hobbies or something.

Anyhow… a couple of days ago I mentioned that I’d joined Tinder, so far it’s just been like a game, something I do when I have a free minute or can’t sleep. That first day I got a match with someone in the next town over, he seemed like a nice enough guy so when he asked for my number I gave it to him (not before I had a mini freak out). The next day was spent texting here and there and then he said it; “Want to meet?” I thought, ‘shit, this is actually happening, do I really want to meet some guy off of the internet?’ I’ve done it before, but somehow in this context it seems so odd to me. But I went with it and said yes.


HUGE move for me, by the way.

Full disclosure, I’ve never actually been in the “dating” scene, so the idea of a first date with someone I’ve never met is daunting. I’ve never actually had to sit down with someone and have the whole “get to know you” conversation. I absolutely hate small talk because it just seems so automated, so I avoid it if possible, I’d rather just get down to the nitty gritty and talk to someone like I already know them. Any guy that I’ve dated had already been in my life, be it a friend or an acquaintance, so we’d already known each other by having conversations over time.

In all honesty, I think I’ve only ever dated a “stranger” 3 times in my life, none of which lasted more than a couple of months. Maybe I’ll tell you about those one day, each has his own story, so I can at least say they were ‘interesting’.

So yea, I feel like a complete noob. What are the rules? Are there rules? Who does what!

Going back to the Tinder guy; 24 (puuummaaa) and cute. We’d settled on meeting at 8pm at a local restaurant on Thursday. This was done on Tuesday evening. Come Thursday I realize that I hadn’t heard from Mr. Tinder since that first day. What’s the protocol on this… is there supposed to be a follow up conversation to confirm plans? I figured this was the case, I mean it’s usually something I do with friends but, is it done for dates? I probably should have reached out to him, but I’d had a long day and really I just wanted to go home. And let’s face it, I’m not really that excited about this dating thing anyhow, it’s frightening.

Who has the dating rule book and where can I get a copy? Because I really think I need someone to break it down to me like I’m dumb. Step by step, preferably with screen shots.




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