Why my mother doesn’t play matchmaker anymore


I’ve had this conversation with my mother before, it’s never ended well. I get that she’s only looking out for me and not at all afraid of me ending up alone (which she totally is, my whole family is) but she’s made a promise to not do it anymore. The first time she tried to play matchmaker was at my cousin’s wedding, mind you I brought a date to this event.

Her: “I want you too meet someone, he’s a very good guy, I know his mom and dad, and he’s single”

Me: “Mom, I’m not single, what are you doing?”

Her: “Oh it’s fine. You’re just meeting him, not going on a date with him, besides you never know if it’ll really work out with you and John.”

I met him, she was right he was cute and pretty well off considering he was only a couple of years older than I was. We made the awkward introductions and then our mothers began to chat. I didn’t see him after that, he probably left because he was so embarrassed, I know I would have if it weren’t a first cousin whose wedding I was at. And my mom was right, it didn’t work out with John, but that’s another story. A couple of years later I ended up at a party that he happened to be at, with his girlfriend. We said hi and then he asked me out, “um I’m sorry, didn’t I just meet your girlfriend?” Apparently they weren’t that serious…or at least he didn’t think so. The first thing I did when I got home that weekend was thank my mother for trying to hook me up with a womanizer.

She tried again a few more times after that, and each time the guy who “came from a good family” ended up being a not so good guy. Eventually I had to make her promise not to do it ever again, so far she’s kept her promise, thank goodness.





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