Who needs speed dating when you have Tinder

In an effort to be proactive about my dating life (or lack there of) I’ve signed up with Tinder. I’ve heard good things about this app so while confined to my house on a sick day, I signed on.

I will admit it is a bit fun to swipe thru the images of guys that pop up, and somewhat addicting. Which is what I’ve heard anyhow, something to do when you’re bored and need to waste time. But… it’s online dating on crack. It’s quick and to the point and quite frankly that scares me. Lol I wasn’t expecting to be asked out on the first day, by someone who was attractive no less!

I’ve been on dating websites, obviously I mean I post some of the amazingly awkward messages I’ve received, but this is entirely different. I wasn’t prepared. I’m used to taking things like this generally slow and taking the time to get to know a bit about the guy before the topic of dates and phone numbers comes up. I mean, on another site I’ve been exchanging messages with someone for over a week and just yesterday he offered his number. Even then he said it might be too soon and didn’t want to push. Lol

So when some young and attractive man asked me for my number within only a few messages, I admittedly freaked out. Silly, I know, but that was my reaction. WHO KNEW people still followed the idea of getting to know one another by having a face to face conversation?!

I’m not quite sure I’m ready for the reality that Tinder is, it’s more like a shove into the dating scene. While I’m used to taking my time and inching my way in…



One thought on “Who needs speed dating when you have Tinder

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