I’m not old enough to be a “ma’am”!

I started reading this book a loooong time ago (okay, maybe it was just a couple of months ago), and the main character basically took words out of my mouth throughout the entire book. She was a single 30yo, looking for success, love and friendship. See… basically me. I’ve posted bits from the book before, so I thought I’d share this as well… seeing as how this is a HUGE gripe of mine.


I C R I N G E at the sound of someone calling me Ma’am, I know that sometimes it’s the polite thing to do (like in this situation), but still… it makes me feel OLD.

I used to be a server at a restaurant chain, and I was always so careful about using Miss/Ma’am. Can’t we enforce some rule about when and when not to use this word? Please!




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