And this is why I’m single.

When I’m bored at night I like to open my POF App and flip thru the “meet me” section. Here’s how I generally judge these fellows;

1) Location (anything Further west than me, overly North or South are out. You have to live within my area – preferably east of me towards the city).
2) Looks
3) Profile

I’m not a total babe, but I’m not yet at the age where I need to focus mostly on personality than I do looks, so it’s “OK”. At least that’s what I like to tell myself, and yes it does help me sleep better at night.

Anyway, the other night night I came across this relatively attractive man, looked at his profile and saw he was Irish & Italian (double plus, I have a think for both Irish and Italian men- at least to look at as I’ve never dated anyone of either decent). And then I took a peek at the rest of his pictures; he definitely spent a lot of time at the gym. I’m sure it also helped that he was a fireman/EMT (also a plus). Now, I like my men muscular, but deceptively skinny. The kind of guy who looks like a twig with his shirt on but if you see him at the beach, you can tell he’s been to the gym. So this lovely Irish/Italian Fireman/EMT was definitely more on the bigger side and I immediately thought “OMG Could I see myself with someone this ‘big’, I’m not sure”… so of course, I go to my BFF and ask her opinion. Stating that one of the reasons why I wasn’t sure I could see myself with such a gentleman was because I was afraid he’d crush me. Yes, CRUSH me, this is a legitamite thought I have when I see someone who’s very built.

I’m not talking like this guy;

I’m talking like THIS guy;

When I’m used to dating guys like this guy (I wonder if HE’s single…) Actually I think Mr Irish/Italian/Fireman/EMT was bigger, definitely had broader shoulders and a smaller waste. Aaaannyyway… now that I’m done with the back story, it brings me to tonight! The BFF and I are talking about guys and online dating and I pull this out;



So yes… Maybe I SHOULD give Muscles a chance, I mean what’s the worst that could really happen, other than I’d get crushed by love. Right?

Also, I should share this because we’re totally fabulous and are still trying to figure out why we’re single. She received a message that simply said “hmmm” so I, of course, told her to respond with “brrrrrr”.




Photo Credits: Warrior Mind Coach & Life Without Fat


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