Appeasing the Sweet tooth

Let me start by saying, I fail at life (and this time I mean blogging, or at the very least sticking with a ‘topic’). That being said I’m for going the whole photo a day thing and just using it as a guide to help me actually blog. Not force myself to find an interesting picture EVERY DAY, because let’s be honest I’m not really that interesting and I definitely don’t have that many opportunities to take interesting pictures! lol NOW… onto the topic of today’s blog; Sweet!

Today is my mom’s birthday- HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOMMY!! Despite her protests at any suggestion I made as a way to celebrate, I decided to stop at this little Italian store on the way home and pick up some Cannoli, because it’s her favorite desert to eat. I also picked up a piece of double chocolate cake (for me- obviously), a piece of tiramasu (also for me #fattyluff (do you use hashtags here, I don’t know, whatevs!). Seeee…!!!


I also bought her a bag of dehydrated mango slices, she likes those. Momma’s a woman of simple things, last year I took her out to a semi-fancy French restaurant and after all was said and done, she said I paid too much for steak and french fries. HA For the record, it wasn’t JUST steak and fries, it was a tad bit fancier and pretty freaking delicious!





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