It must be my perfume

I’m on this dating website, not even sure why I’m on there since I don’t really put much effort into it. Every once in a while I log in to check my messages and see what people have to say, I was greeted with this gem today;2013-07-01_2041

I don’t even know how to respond… I mean, “Thank you” just doesn’t cut it. Grammar and punctuation aside, I give the guy credit for being creative and not just saying “hi”, but really? This isn’t even the first time I’ve gotten something like this, it happens All. Of. The. Time. My pheromones must be laced with something that attracts really odd people, and yes, they can definitely smell it through the computer! And people wonder why I’m still single, aside from the plethora of issues I have, the options in my dating pool send me sweet love notes like these. 😉



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