Just call me Curly Sue!

I’ve always loved women with curly hair, specifically the big and loose kind, but unfortunately for me I’ve been blessed with hair that falls straight after a certain length. My hair won’t hold a curl to save its life. Well I shouldn’t say that, there are only two ways that I’ve found work for me… perms and sock curls ! Sometimes if I don’t wash my hair for 2 days I can get it to curl, but that doesn’t happen because usually by day two I feel like my head is so dirty.

So this got me thinking, are perms back in? I’d talked to a friend recently about how I was contemplating the idea of getting a perm. I haven’t chemically treated my hair in years, and if I don’t like it then I can just wash them out right? On top of that, I saw someone post on Facebook asking if anyone wanted a free perm… I think that’s a sign. That I should perm my hair!

When I was younger I’d go every 3-6 months to get my hair did, so I’m no newb.

But I’m not entirely sure…

Another thought to contemplate; dying my hair purple. Yup, purple, it’d have to be dark because obviously I need to pass in an office environment.



2 thoughts on “Just call me Curly Sue!

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