I’ve been dumped!

Yes, it’s true… I’ve been dumped, after 10 years of faithful commitment and nothing but praises the longest relationship I’ve ever had is ending. With no word, no good bye or parting gift, tossed aside like yesterday’s paper. I’m sad to say that the only cell phone carrier I’ve ever known is leaving the Midwest and I am not happy (at all) on how they’ve treated their customers. Supposedly I was supposed to get letters in the mail, only one of which arrived to my mailbox and that was to tell me that my insurance was up at the end of July. And when asked when my service might get cut or how much time I had the only answer I (and many) received was “I don’t know, but you should switch carriers ASAP.”

Since the Spring takeover I have been receiving very spotty service and yesterday I logged into my online account only to find out that all of my reward points were gone. So much for using them before my service ended completely… I’m glad that I spent almost 10 years with USC and now get to deal with all of this awesomeness.

As someone who has worked in customer service for many years “as soon as possible” and “I don’t know” are unacceptable responses. I know that it can be difficult to deal with people and I’m sure that USC’s customer service has been bombarded  with complaints, actually one look at their FB page should tell you. But… in this situation the company (whether it be USC or Sprint) should be able to tell their clients details on when things end for good. After so many years of excellent service I’ve been completely disappointed in how things have been handled. I hope that once USC is out of the Midwest they can work to provide the rest of their remaining clientele better service, or at least with the service they once provided here.

Time to compare new phone carriers, and find out which one won’t steal my kidneys!



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