I have serious problems…

Two things that have been bothering me recently.

Serious problem #1; I don’t generally mind my height, actually I kind of like it. I mean I can wear high heels and not tower over people, but at the same time I’m not so short that I NEED to wear heels. So I’ve always thought that I was a good height, until I was reminded today why it sucks. Driving home (heading west and directly into the sun) at the time of day when no matter how I adjust the seat or adjust myself, it is still blindingly staring me straight in the face. Not fun, at all.

Serious problem #2; I went to put on a pair of pants that I haven’t worn in, Idk, maybe a year or so… only to find out that my hips have decided it’s time to have a baby! I couldn’t get my pants even remotely up my hips. Serious bummer. How do I tell my body that I am in no way ready to be popping out babies, so my hips can go back to the size the were in my mid-late 20’s!? I’m not even asking for the hips I had as a teen, but in my 20’s!!! I just want to wear some damn pants man!



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