Generation Gaps.

HAPPY PI DAY!! //nerdmoment

At the cubefarm today I over heard one of the ladies say “oh, today is Pi day, what’s pi?”

Older Lady #2- I have no clue what you’re talking about.
Older Lady #1- Today, is national pi day, my daughter had a teacher who always brought pie to school on pi day
Older Lady #2- What is pi?
Older lady #1- 3.15.. um… 3..
Me- 3.14159265359 
Older Lady #1- Thanks G, it’s been so long since I was in high school, you’re the closest to that age group. (I’m 30)
Older Lady #2- oh my god… I graduated in (mumbles)… she wasn’t even a thought in anyone’s mind when I graduated high school
Me- thanks Older Lady #2, now I feel like baby!!

So, while I may be 30, and having minor panic attacks because one day I  will die… it’s good to know that there’s someone ‘worse off’ than I am. I’m still young baby! (^_~)



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