Random things I think about in the car

  • I often forget my age… not the actual number, but more the level of maturity that I tend to have on a day to day basis. For being 30, I still think like I did when I was in my early 20’s. Don’t get me wrong, I’m mature when I need to be, but that’s about it.
  • This stems from the above thought and a thought I had last night- I think the problem I have with online dating (or dating in general) is that I am realizing how immature I still am. Reading through these profiles of guys who are (in theory) well off and know what they want sound SO BORING. I don’t feel like I can relate to what they’re saying in their profile and tend to just pass them by, also, it does not help them that they all look older.
  • I have to get used to the idea that the people I meet from here on out will look older, because the are in fact; older. Growing up I had this idea in my head what “older” people looked like and how they should act, and I’m slowing coming to terms that I am now one of those “Older” people.
  • I spent a fair amount of time last night talking to a gentleman in his early 20’s, and he somehow convinced me that upon our first meeting I will be giving him a makeover to make him look like a woman. Yes, you read that correctly… I’m not entirely sure I WANT to meet him. And this brings a whole new meaning to a guy trying to get into my pants.

Fun thoughts, yea? Maybe more later!



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