Qualities I Want in the Person I Date, which I Will Begin Manifesting in Myself:

1. Takes excellent care of his body. (This means no drugs, addictions, or unsafe practices.)
2. Great relationship with family and friends. Treats all people with respect.
3. Integrity and responsibility: they do what they say and don’t blame others. They are solution-oriented instead of problem-oriented.
4. Secure in themselves. A good idea of who they are and what they want. They don’t have to chase after others’ attention or cheap thrills. They don’t have to brag or be arrogant either. They resist the urge to make others jealous.
5. Open and giving. Able to give compliments and tell people how they feel. Not self-centered.
6. Over their exs and can be mature enough to be alone.
7. Has had solid relationships in the past and understands you can have loved and still needed a change. Someone who has forgiven their past and can forgive mine.
8. Someone with passion and drive who also gets excited about my passions.
9. A joyful person, with a moral compass, who radiates genuine well-being and positivity.
10. Brave enough to be vulnerable.

Read this article tonight… thought maybe I should adopt the above list into my own life. ‘Tis the time to grow, and whatnot, right?! Coming into my 30’s with a different mindset, hopefully, and making some changes!! 

Otherwise the #foreveralone joke isn’t going to be so funny anymore. 😉



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