More Gai Pad Grapow!

The problem with buying ingredients you don’t normally use is that you end up with extra after you make whatever it is you’re making to begin with! So what did I do, I made more Gai Pad Grapow!!! It came out better this time, and spicier, but that’s okay.

Since this was the second time, I added a bit more to see the difference in flavor. Started with 7 cloves of garlic this time, 7 large Jalapeños, some minced onion and cilantro that was left over from dinner.

Sauteed veg… if my wok wasn’t seasoned before, it’s definitely seasoned now. I was actually afraid it might turn out way too spicy for me because the entire house smelled like chiles. Walking upstairs to the bedroom induced coughing. Luckily with the chicken and rice it smoothed out a bit.

Ended up making enough lunch for a whole week!! Maybe even longer considering my stomach has apparently shrunk down and I’m only able to eat half of what I serve myself. (-_-)

I served it on top of white rice. I only had one small cucumber left so I was able to make a small cucumber salad, this time I used white vinegar and a teaspoon or two of sugar. I prefer the simple dressing over what I used last time (lemon, chiles, sugar).

Kept it clean by not adding soy sauce this time, I liked it better this way because it keeps the color of the cooked chicken. Before I actually ate I ended up adding soy sauce, but it didn’t change the color at all just the flavor.

Definitely better the second time around, and it didn’t turn out as spicy as I thought it might. Thank goodness!



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