I made cupcakes for a friends birthday, per his request they were German Chocolate cupcakes. But rather than make boring cupcakes I decided to STUFF THEM!!! Yup, you heard right.. they were stuffed. I found the recipe on pinterest (of course), I’m not entirely sure that I did everything correctly but they turned out pretty good.

Because I like the homemade taste I ended up using my own cake recipe. I don’t have anything against cake mixes, but I like to know that I had a hand in every aspect of what I’m making.

The coconut icing didn’t set as well as I would have liked, I read a couple comments on the website saying it came out a little too runny for a few people. I ended up being one of those people, at least I had enough sense to do this part the night before the party!! It gave it a lot more time to thicken up, although I ended up putting powdered sugar in it the next day in hopes that it would thicken up like it should… it didn’t. Oh well…

Frosted and sprinkled with toasted coconut and pecans. I made half of the cupcakes with pecans and half without, for those with nut allergies.

And I made the birthday boy his own (regular sized) cupcakes!! Not sure that he actually got them though, because when we left the bar at the end of the night the box was no where to be found! Whoever ended up eating those cupcakes, I hope you liked them… I also hope you weren’t allergic to nuts! Yikes.



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