It’s like giving candy to a kid.

SIL: Oh, got it, is that how you met StudmuffinX*?

Me: No I’ve known StudmuffinX since high school, we met on the internet

SIL: Oh, lol nice

Me: He used to work nights not far from the house. He also had a Dr. Pepper vending machine at his work LOL and when we talked he would tell me that if I came over he would give me dr pepper. LOL

Me: Then we stopped talking… and years later started talking again.

Me: This time he worked nights downtown… and would say if i came to visit him he would give me chocolate cake (bc they always had birthdays)

SIL: Nice

And that’s the story of how I met “StudmuffinX”, who I was with for almost 3 years. Seeing as how this was the longest consecutive ‘relationship’ I’ve ever been in, luring me in with Dr. Pepper and chocolate cake was a good move on his part!

It’s the simple things that make the most difference people… (^_~)

[*Neither his name nor his online handle are/were StudmuffinX, that would just be silly!]



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