Photo A Day

I’m a couple of days behind on this, unfortunately, I’ve had a death in the family so I haven’t really been in the mindset to blog. However, I happened to look at the list and thought that today’s topic was appropriate.

So today’s post is dedicated to my Grandma, who passed away just before 6 A.M. on Saturday morning, one day before her 80th birthday.  RIP Mama Salud; 05/06/32 – 05/05/12.

Day 7: Someone that inspires you…

Mama has and will continue to inspire me in many different ways, she helped raise me and several others. She was a strong and wise woman, she did not speak ill of others and always had a helping hand. No matter what it was that was needed or who you were, she always did what she could to help. She treated everyone with love and respect, even when they weren’t the greatest to her… she was definitely a ‘kill them with kindness’ kind of woman. And it didn’t matter who you were, you were treated like family. I loved my Mama dearly and miss her terribly. It saddens me to think that she is no longer with us, but knowing that so many people care about her (and about us her family), it warms my heart. She’s one of the people who’s taught me how to live my life, how to treat others but mostly, how to be strong. This woman went through a lot, from a very young age until the very end, she was a fighter… and that will never be forgotten.

PS. I will catch up tomorrow if I can, otherwise I will sneak the days I missed somewhere in between.



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