Happy Birthday, eat cake!

The only Irish Car Bomb I will ever ingest will be in cupcake form! I’ve had these before, the first time was at a friend’s BBQ. One of the best cupcakes ever, I mean come on they have alcohol! I used this recipe from Smittenkitchen.

All of the things needed to make one of the best cake recipes I’ve ever eaten. This seriously was the softest, most moist cake I’ve put in my mouth. The second cake being the recipe found on the Swan’s cake flour box! LOL (Apologizing in advance, I  should have used the same filter on these photos.)

I had two birthday parties this weekend and decided to make these, using this recipe it came out to about 80 mini cupcakes.

For the Jameson Ganache:

It took me a bit to get all of the centers scooped out, I ended up with a bowl full of chocolate crumbs. Next time I will be making a chocolate cake shake with that!

I seriously think that I will be using this recipe more often, well not too often it was probably the most expensive cake I’ve made. But definitely well worth it. I have 2 cans of Guinness left and a bottle of Baileys… so there will be more cake/icing (at least) in the very near future!! Who doesn’t like a little booze for dessert?

I think a couple dozen of these and a bottle of Jameson make up for the lack of an appearance to a party, right?! Even my non-drinking friends ate these up. (^_^)


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